Product ref: HYF

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Product reference: HYF


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There is a truly amazing range of options available to you when deciding on your Hyform boardroom table. Constructed using a strong MDF core, veneers of your choice are lovingly cut and applied, with the ability to add black inlays, as well as laser cut logos so precise you won't be able to see or feel the join. A lacquer is applied to the veneer as standard to help protect it, while also taking away some of the glare to leave your table beaming but not blinding.

You have control over the size and shape of your table, the design of the legs, which veneers are used, the shape of the edges and extras such as data/power outlets in-built to the table, concealed cable risers in the table legs, chrome plinths and laser cut logos, text or designs.

It is vital that you care for a boardroom table, so you should avoid placing hot mugs on it, as well as glasses of water. For any spills, dry immediately with a clean dry cotton cloth. For full information on caring for your table, please contact us.