HOWE 40/4 Chair

HOWE 40/4 Chair



Howe 40/4 Cathedral Chair

HOWE 40/4 Chair

The Howe 40/4 chair has decades of proven track record behind it, and so it’s no surprise that it now comes with a 10 year guarantee. Over 8 million have been sold since its inception in 1964, winning a multitude of awards along the way and featuring in numerous museums around the world.

HOWE 40/4 Chair

You can now enjoy the opportunity to try the Howe 40/4 chair through Alpha’s excellent service levels and free sample trial offer. The Howe chair combines excellent comfort with manageable weight, all the right options and of course that amazing stacking ability. The Howe 40/4 is regularly specified by architects and designers, with veneer, plastic resin and upholstered versions available. Such a multitude of options lend the chair to a plethora of environments, including but not limited to churches, cathedrals, schools, conference centres, and offices and meeting rooms.

The Howe 40/4 chair is available with a wooden frame as well as a metal frame, allowing stacking up to 25 chairs high. All versions of the Howe chair are available with an upholstered seat, and it can also be ordered fully upholstered with the metal frame.

Versions and Options

Polyamide version

The Howe 40/4 is available in aHOWE 40/4 Chair range of neutral and bright poly colours, providing an excellent alternative for flexible and multi-use areas, or as additional overflow seating that spends much of its time in storage, at a lower price.

HOWE 40/4 Chair

HOWE 40/4 Chair

Alternative Veneers and Stains

HOWE 40/4 ChairLikewise, the 40/4 with veneer seat and back is also available in multiple finishes. We tend to find the most popular finish is Oak, which is available at no additional cost with a chrome frame, but our customers quite rightly want the perfect finish to suit their building. Custom staining is also possible at additional cost.
Give the office a call to request any finish samples.

Dolleys and Storage

HOWE 40/4 ChairHOWE 40/4 Chair
The Howe 40/4 chair with chrome frame  stacks up to 40 high on approximately 0.5 sq. metres. On the same footprint, the Howe 40/4 wood frame chair stacks to 25 chairs high. With heavy duty castors, the dolleys easily accommodate the weight, and remain very easy to manoeuvre.
The upholstered version of the chair will also stack to 25 chairs high.
All chairs come fitted with stacking buffers to protect each other during stacking, transporting, and unstacking.


HOWE 40/4 Chair

The Howe 40/4 chair offers multiple linking types, but we always find that the most popular, and easiest to use is the welded brace link. The brace link allows for straight rows to be set out very quickly and with minimal fuss.

Alternative linking types are available to achieve curved rows – please contact the office for details.


Book Storage

HOWE 40/4 Chair

Conference Chair

For book storage, there are two options. To maintain the chair’s ability to stack, the book storage needs to be removable and stored separately.

The chrome wire book holder, which also acts as a link while spacing the chairs slightly further provides plenty of storage space. Alternatively, the Alpha universal book holder is compatible with the welded brace link, and stores most books and bibles.



HOWE 40/4 ChairThe metal framed Howe 40/4 chair has arm options in all types, usually to match to the seat and back.

The upholstered version of the chair puts the choice in the customer’s hands. The option to choose wooden arms or polyamide arms, in any standard finish, is yours.

The armchairs also stack with each other, with added stacking protection to protect the arms as well as seat and back.

Generally for front-facing layouts, we advise 10% of chairs be fitted with arms.


In addition to the variations of the chair detailed above, the 40/4 can also be ordered as a bar stool, lounge chair, swivel chair and even an all-metal outdoor chair.

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