Stacking Chairs (High Stacking)

Alpha’s High Stacking Chairs afford added flexibility where storage space is at a premium.  Our contemporary chairs stack safely anywhere from 20 to 45 high, and can be transported on special chair storage trolleys for easy management.

Customers can choose from upholstered, polypropylene or wooden seats and backs, or even a mix of two in some instances. The majority of the range is also available with a full suite of optional extras, including links, arms and clever space-saving book storage options where required.

The choice is no longer confined only to metal framed chairs either, so those requiring the aesthetic of a wooden frame can also benefit from the increased flexibility provided by a high density stacking chair. In the case of the Howe 40/4 wooden chair, stacking can still be achieved up to 25 high even with the thicker frame profile.

Call us today to discuss your stacking chair requirements and to arrange a site visit or a free sample trial.

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Showing 1–12 of 21 results