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JACOB Lightweight Wooden High-Stacking Chair

£121.00 + VAT

Quantity Price
10 - 24 £128.00
25 - 49 £126.00
50 - 99 £125.00
100 - 199 £124.00
200 - 399 £123.00
400 or more £121.00

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This chair is one of the lightest wooden chairs in our range. It combines great comfort with stackabilitydurabilitystyle, together with many options. These chairs will stack 5 high on the floor, with or without arms, while side chairs will also stack 18 high on a purpose made dolley. The hardwood laminate frame is very strong, yet light. The waterfall front and generous width make it a hit with various shapes and sizes of user. It is EU made, comes with our 5 year guarantee, and features the unique feature of being no heavier with arms, than without. Armchairs will also stack happily with each other.

Options include arms, frame staining, book storage (that leaves stacking unaffected), PVC feet and linking. Many frame stains are available. If you are looking for a wooden chair but don't wish to acquire something heavy and cumbersome then this could be just the right product. Please note that armchairs will not stack on the dolley.

Few chairs offer such a combination of quality, options, comfort and versatility.  Our universal chair removal trolley will quickly help move a stack of up to 5 chairs for fast, efficient stowage. The trolley can then be slipped easily into a cupboard. These chairs come with our 5 year guarantee, and stack 5 high. Lead-time is 6 weeks from the date of your order.


Stack Height 6
Stack Height 20
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