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10 Year Guarantee

We are delighted to announce a 10 year guarantee on our best-selling SB2M chair. Having been in production since 2002, and passed multiple, independent destruction tests, it now carries the track record to back it up. With thousands sold, Alpha are happy to extend the guarantee beyond its initial 5, then 6 year guarantee, assuming

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Chair Trolley – Crucial to Flexible Spaces

With our range of excellent stacking and folding chairs growing ever larger, Alpha always seek to be clear and helpful with advice for moving these around – with a chair trolley. However, deciding which trolley, and indeed which chair, requires some forward planning. Our high-stacking chairs typically stack around 10 high on the floor, and

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Introducing: The New SBH Chair

New to our range of lightweight high-stacking chairs is the SBH. A hybrid chair, it sits between the all wood SBW, and our best selling SB2M. The SBH offers most of the comfort of the padded SB2M chair, but with a wooden back – providing the first impression of wood where that look is deemed

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Versatile Folding Tables as Popular as Ever

Alpha have a huge range of folding tables for community spaces and village halls. The most popular type are the classic folding-leg tables, though flip-top tables are now much sought after too, with easier manoeuvrability on castors. Both types stow away quickly and easily to open up the space for alternative functions and layouts. They

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Wipe Clean Chairs

With more and more of our customers managing truly multi-use spaces, wipe clean chairs and furniture are growing in demand. Fortunately, Alpha have a vast range to suit all types of flexible spaces, with waterproof, wipe clean, stacking chairs. This is because virtually all of our chairs can be upholstered in a tough, durable faux

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Alpha’s Free Sample Service

At Alpha we have always operated a sample chair trial service free of charge. This, unlike some firms, is a no-obligation service, free of charge regardless of the outcome whether the result is an order or not. Wherever possible, we deliver sample chairs face to face, nationwide. This means that you are not limited to

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High Stacking Chairs

High stacking chairs are now our most popular line of products. It was not much more than 10 years ago that folk bought folding chairs in the belief that this was the only solution for efficient storage. How times have changed. Alpha now sell more high stacking (high density stacking) chairs than any other type.

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Lightweight Wooden Stacking Chairs – Not an Oxymoron

Alpha Furniture have a proud record or anticipating trends in the church market, including the need for lightweight wooden stacking chairs. We like to provide the right products to serve the way that churches are using their buildings in these times. As a result, the lightweight wooden stacking chairs section of our website has been

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Keep Pews or Replace with Stacking Church Chairs?

The question of whether or not to remove pews and replace with flexible, stacking church chairs has for a long time been a contentious issue for churches around the country. Our sales manager, Paul, has in fact conducted a seminar on the subject twice at the Christian Resources Exhibition. Whether it is right to change

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Stacking Chairs – Yes, but What Else?

The most common pre-requisite given to us on a new enquiry is ‘the chairs must stack’. This is why the vast majority of our chairs are stacking chairs. With over 20 years experience supplying high quality stacking chairs, Alpha can help with advice and ask the right questions. This helps folk to arrive at a