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Which Fabric is Right For Me?

Which chair fabric to choose – how clever should we go? A commonly asked question among our customers, regardless of their venue type and sector. No wonder, when there seems to be so many options: Standard fabrics – usually 100% polyester, or often 30% wool tweed Treated fabrics – with added stain protection Vinyl or

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Theatre Seating to Transform Your Balcony

Beccles Baptist Church had enjoyed Alpha’s lightweight stacking chairs, our aluminium AR2BW. They then turned their attentions to the balcony, which still had the original pews in situ. This was a challenging area with irregular steps, curves and planking. However with a site visit from Alpha Furniture and our theatre seating manufacturer, due measurements were

Stacking Chairs from Alpha Furniture
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Getting The Church Chair Right: FAQ’s and Frequently Neglected Questions !!

Most folk who end up being the ‘chair project manager’ find that the process proves more complicated than they had first imagined. Of course, even after accepting they will never please everyone, there are still multiple considerations along the way. While colour decisions should involve only a few people and any chair is a compromise

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Product Focus: Lightweight Aluminium Stacking Chairs

Our UK made lightweight stacking aluminium chairs remain strong sellers within the Alpha range. Choose from two back shapes and three widths, they come with various options, including arms, book pockets, linking and several frame colours. In today’s market, lightweight stacking chairs are proving ever more popular. It’s great to be able to support UK

Introducing: The New SBH Chair
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How To Avoid Chair Regret

The heart-breaking calls Alpha receive occasionally are ‘We bought new chairs only 10 years ago (not from you) and are starting again!’ There can be several reasons for the U-turn, such as: Bought chairs that were too cheap/falling apart/poor quality Chairs now the wrong colour/impractical finishes following an increase in different uses Bought non-stacking chairs,

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Stacking Armchairs – Practicality and Suitability

With our aging population and community spaces becoming better used, the need for lightweight, stacking armchairs is higher than ever. Alpha Furniture has a large range of lightweight chairs, lightweight stacking chairs, both wooden and metal and most are available with arms. The majority of these will still stack with arms as well. Good examples

High Stacking Upholstered Church Chairs - SB2M at Holy Trinity Church in Leicester - high efficient lightweight stacking chair
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Stacking Conference Chairs and Auditorium Seating

The term ‘conference chairs’ is a rather overarching description. In fact, many other details are factored in before settling on the right chair for the intended use. What is almost universal nowadays though is the ability to stack. Alpha’s range of auditorium seating covers all bases, and budgets. With different chairs offering stacks of between

One-Piece Polypropylene Stacking Cafe Chair
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Product Spotlight: The Strata Stacking Chair

The Strata one-piece stacking plastic chair has become a strong seller over recent years. Long gone are the days when a plastic chair requirement meant a small selection of steel framed ‘bucket’ chairs. With tough, one-piece polypropylene chairs now inexorably taking over duties, these days customers have a good choice of attractive, neatly stacking, contemporary,

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Product Spotlight: The Jacob Chair

Our lightweight wooden stacking JACOB chair has not stopped growing in popularity since its launch. Customers love the ergonomic design with shaped seat and back angle to suit multiple postures. They also love its light weight, despite the wooden frame. The affordable price is another string to its bow when compared to alternatives on the

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New Product: ZESTY Lightweight Stacking Chair

Alpha Furniture are delighted to offer the lightweight stacking chair Zesty to our range of lightweight wooden chairs. We found it at a European furniture exhibition several years ago and purchased some samples of this lightweight stacking chair. We feel the market may now be ready for such a lightweight and contemporary design. Its amazing