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Trolleys vs Dolleys – Which Option is Right for Us?

Alpha have been selling practical stacking chairs for many years and have innovated as the market has evolved. Where once stacking to 4 high was considered enough, it now doesn’t cater for many venues where stacking to 8, 10, 25 or even 60 is required!

Folk are moving chairs more frequently than ever these days, so the means by which one moves and / or stores chairs has become very important. Our universal trolley (Ref OTU) will move any stack of our stacking chairs, wooden or metal, skid-based or four-leg.

Universal Chair Removal Trolley

Many of the community spaces we serve are replacing the old plastic bucket chairs and have a ‘fork’ type trolley as a result. This is typically unsuitable for most types of chairs, so an OTU trolley is frequently added to a typical order. As Alpha conduct free, no-obligation site visits for many of our new enquiries, we are able to look and advise on this before sample chair testing commences.

In contrast to a ‘trolley’, a ‘dolley’ is a four-wheel base with a cradle specifically for the chair model it’s designed for. High Density stacking chairs (usually with a skid-base) are the chairs which tend to stack 25 – 45 (or more) high on a dolley, when 10 may be the limit on the floor. This provides a very efficient use of storage space. Alpha have designed several different dolleys ourselves. These will stack with each other when not in use. Alpha has a range of over 20 different High density Stacking chairs to choose from.

Canterbury Curvy Stacking Contemporary Cathedral Chair

Dolleys are for storing efficiently, whereas the universal trolley is for moving a stack e.g.: 8 chairs from A to B and dumping them for another stack.

When folk call upon our free sample chair trial service, they are welcome to also borrow a trolley and/or dolley to play with and assess.

Contact us today for further information, or to arrange a sample chair (and dolley) trial!