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High Stacking Chairs FAQs

Stacking Chair

More and more customers are turning to high stacking chairs as the solution for their multi-use space. They have all but replaced padded folding chairs as the go-to stackable chair when storage is tight.

Alpha has a large range of high density stacking chairs. These offer varying levels of comfort, weights, options, and finishes. Alpha’s free, no obligation sample service provides the perfect opportunity to try several over the course of a month or two. There are some questions commonly asked however:

How do I get the top chair down or back up?

This is easier than it sounds. The front legs are normally no higher than one’s shoulders. It is a matter of pulling the chair toward you like a book off a shelf. When stacking the top chairs, gravity takes over and finishes the stacking for you. We’ve created a simple video to demonstrate that here:

Will they go through a door way?

Yes – almost all high density stacking chairs quote a stacking number which will go through a standard 2m high doorway. Most are between 25 & 45 chairs high. The total width is also narrow enough, and with swivelling castors at one end to go around corners.

Will any chair dolley work for them?

No – each four-wheel dolley is unique to that chair design and must be the dolley used for safety reasons.

Do I have to use the dolley?

No – most of the chairs will stack up to 10 high on the floor if the dolley is not used.

Should I use a dolley to shuttle chairs from one space to another and keep re-filling it?

No – this is a slow process. We recommend you either buy enough dolleys for all the chairs, or buy our universal chair trolley (OTU) to move up to 10 at a time (Stacking on the floor).

Should you have any more questions, or to take up our sample chair offer, please complete the form below or call us on 01494 670 600