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Which Fabric is Right For Me?

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Which chair fabric to choose – how clever should we go?

A commonly asked question among our customers, regardless of their venue type and sector.

No wonder, when there seems to be so many options:

  • Standard fabrics – usually 100% polyester, or often 30% wool tweed
  • Treated fabrics – with added stain protection
  • Vinyl or faux leather – for a wipe-clean finish
  • Breathable, but water-resistant – which can be achieved with both vinyl and fabric options
  • Avoid fabric altogether and go for polypropylene, or a wood veneer finish

Most standard contract fabrics are proving remarkably cleanable now. The advice from most mills is that warm soapy water will deal with most types of spillage. A microfibre cloth is always the best option to avoid risk of damaging the fabric surface.

This has been the experience of Alpha Furnishings, with sample chairs sometimes coming back stained or covered with building dust, but cleaning up well after generous soapy water and over-night drying.

We find the majority of the multi-use spaces and facilities that order from us tend to choose standard fabric and perhaps a small number of spare seat pads, as these are normally minutes to change if ever required. When risk of staining is particularly low, this can often be a very cost effective alternative.

For busy community halls and places with refreshments served daily, faux leather (good quality vinyl) can be the best option. A nominal upgrade in price buys you a 300,000 rub test material that remains soft and durable, with a great choice of colours. Totally waterproof is the resultant performance and it means a wipe of a few seconds, without forgoing the comfy padding that most of us desire! Our most popular and cost-effective option is also breathable, avoiding discomfort on very warm or cold days.

For folk wanting some help with cleaning, but with a breathable finish, then there are increasing numbers of clever fabrics offering this. This is not least due to the growing hospitality and care markets creating demand for such technology. This does tend to be the priciest option however.

Whatever use your space is destined for, Alpha Furnishings can help to steer you through the process of weighing up fabric options, their pros & cons and their costs.

We are always keen to save you money and at the same time help you toward a decision that will never be regretted.

We have a large range of plastic and wooden chairs, that offer comfy and contoured seating, with that un-matched 100% waterproof performance to make cleaning a matter of seconds.

We even sell an anti-microbial fabric spray, for added peace of mind in frequently used venues.