Chilterns crematroium, crematoria chairs, crem chairs, chapel chairs
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Case Study: Chilterns Crematorium

We love supplying Crematoria furniture at Alpha Furnishings. Helping a local one is even nicer. Chilterns Crematorium, Amersham chose the A1L chapel chair from Alpha over 20 years ago. When […]

ROMA Round Base Cafe Table with Square or Round MFC Top
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Selecting The Right Tables

Café, dining and meeting tables come in all shapes and sizes, with folding tables often the preferred choice. Selecting the right combination of these variables is critical in a successful […]

high stacking lightweight chairs in blue, sb2m high density stacking chair
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How To Get Your Village Hall Chair Decision Right

When it comes to setting up a new community centre or village hall, or simply replacing existing seating, selecting a chair for a community centre or village hall can be […]

lightweight stacking armchairs, wooden armchairs, library chairs, church chairs
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Stacking Chairs: Flexible and Versatile Furniture

Alpha Furniture’s extraordinary range of stacking chairs is meticulously designed to offer unparalleled versatility and adaptability. Our selection includes not only stacking chairs, but folding chairs, folding and flip-top tables, […]

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Trolleys vs Dolleys – Which Option is Right for Us?

Alpha have been selling practical stacking chairs for many years and have innovated as the market has evolved. Where once stacking to 4 high was considered enough, it now doesn’t […]

Stacking Chair
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High Stacking Chairs FAQs

More and more customers are turning to high stacking chairs as the solution for their multi-use space. They have all but replaced padded folding chairs as the go-to stackable chair […]

church chairs, wooden church chairs, lightweight church chairs, stain resistant chairs, church cafe
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Which Fabric is Right For Me?

Which chair fabric to choose – how clever should we go? A commonly asked question among our customers, regardless of their venue type and sector. No wonder, when there seems […]

Beccles Baptist Church Balcony Seating, auditorium seating, cinema seating
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Theatre Seating to Transform Your Balcony

Beccles Baptist Church had enjoyed Alpha’s lightweight stacking chairs, our aluminium AR2BW. They then turned their attentions to the balcony, which still had the original pews in situ. This was […]

Beccles Baptist Church Balcony Seating, auditorium seating, cinema seating
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Case Study: Beccles Baptist Church Auditorium Seating

Alpha Furniture just received a very warm thankyou from Tom at Beccles Baptist Church following the installation of their new auditorium seating. Three years ago Alpha supplied the church with […]

Stacking Chairs from Alpha Furniture
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Getting The Church Chair Right: FAQ’s and Frequently Neglected Questions !!

Most folk who end up being the ‘chair project manager’ find that the process proves more complicated than they had first imagined. Of course, even after accepting they will never […]