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Lightweight Wooden Church Chairs?!

Funny, not so long ago a lightweight wooden chair was an oxymoron. Alpha have managed to bring affordability into the mix as well with our ‘LAM’ family of lightweight wooden chairs and its recent addition, the high-stacking ‘LAMS’ family of lightweight wooden chairs. Churches are becoming multi-use community spaces – which is brilliant. It doesn’t

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Catering To New Styles of ‘Doing’ Church

How we worship has evolved, and churches are constantly on the lookout for new formats to appeal to the local community and grow their congregation, either as a second Sunday service or as a regular evening during the week to run alongside their more traditional Sunday morning service. While some differences are slight – for

Church Chairs at Horham Baptist Church.
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Case Study: Horham Baptist Church

  Horham Baptist Church embarked on a full refurbishment of their worship area in the spring of 2018, providing the church with a much needed uplift and all round more modern space. Replacing pews in a dark wooden interior, the requirements for new church seating included: Being lightweight and easy to move and store Much

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Are You Sure It’s a Folding Chair You Need?

Four out of five customers who contacted Alpha regarding padded folding chairs, bought high-stacking chairs instead. An un-padded folding chair is very space efficient and cost effective. For those wanting the comfort of some padding however, a padded folding chair is often still the de-fault choice in their mind for an efficiently stored chair. Well

Stacking Church Chairs at Kerith Community Church
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Kerith Community Church, Bracknell

  Kerith Community Church in Bracknell, Berks is one of many exciting recent Alpha projects. This huge, growing and highly successful church needed replacement seating, as the original seating was showing its age and on the heavy side, so a lightweight solution was sought out. Alpha duly supplied our excellent SB2M into their Youth Centre.

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One-Piece Polypropylene Chairs

TOUGH – LONG GUARANTEE Our range of one piece poly chairs come with a guarantee of up to 20 years in the case of the EEN1 chair – designed for tough environments. STACKING Crucial for almost any space these days is flexibility and efficiency of storage, and all of these chairs stack at least 8 high

Pew replacement church chairs from Alpha Furnishing
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The Drive Methodist Church, Sevenoaks

The Drive Methodist Church in Sevenoaks (between Christmas 2015 and Easter 2016) undertook major upgrading. This included removal of pews and their replacement with new chairs. I was secretary of the “Sanctuary Project Group” (SPG) and was personally responsible for the design and colour of the new church chairs, a somewhat contentious issue between church

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Care Home Fabrics

The number and variety of upholstery options for care home chairs is vast. To simplify the process for you, we present a selected range of fabrics (including high performance vinyl) offering anti-microbial, anti-fungal, hard-wearing and water-resistant finishes at affordable prices. All of the colours in these ranges are visible on each product page by clicking

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Stacking Chairs from Alpha Furniture

We find it’s extremely rare these days for churches to need non stacking chairs. As churches open their doors to more and more community use, the demand for a flexible seating solution becomes increasingly important. Our selection of stacking chairs and folding chairs stack anywhere between 3 and 45 chairs high, so finding the right

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Alpha’s Reupholstery Service

We frequently hear from people who say, “We need to replace our 25-year-old church chairs as the fabric has worn out. It’s a shame because the chairs are still solid”. This is when we point them in the direction of our reupholstery service. We can supply brand new seat and back pads, with new boards,