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Stacking Chairs – Yes, but What Else?

The most common pre-requisite given to us on a new enquiry is ‘the chairs must stack’. This is why the vast majority of our chairs are stacking chairs. With over 20 years experience supplying high quality stacking chairs, Alpha can help with advice and ask the right questions. This helps folk to arrive at a

Book box for the Jacob lightweight stacking chair
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The Ideal Stacking Church Chair

There are all sorts of aspects involved in choosing the right stacking church chair. The decision normally involves many folk, and even the leadership will have priorities of their own at times. Comfort and looks tend to take a lead for many using the chairs. Book storage and arms can still be a priority for

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Transitioning From Heavy to Lightweight Chairs

At Alpha we hear all sorts of reasons for folk changing their church seating or hall seating. The most common (after removing pews) is that of the old chairs being too heavy, and with increased and more varied use of the church there is now a requirement for lightweight, highly stackable chairs. This is why

high stacking lightweight chairs in blue, sb2m high density stacking chair
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Case Study: Beckley Village Hall – Stacking Chairs and Folding Tables

Beckley Village Hall recently acquired from Alpha a number of high density stacking chairs, and folding tables. The high stacking chair is our very popular SB2M type. On accompanying dolleys, the chairs stack to 25 high on an area of 0.5 sq. metres. This provided the village hall with much needed flexibility and use of

stacking wooden lightweight light weight chair church chair gallery chair
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The JACOB Lightweight Wooden Stacking Chair

The Jacob lightweight wooden stacking chair has brought to the church chair market something it has desired for years – an affordable, high quality, lightweight, wooden stacking chair. The UK designed and finished Jacob chair provides you with a comfortable chair, but without the un-manageable weight of previous generation church chairs. This is particularly the

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Stacking Chairs at Churchdown Community Centre

Alpha Furniture were contacted by Churchdown Community Centre, near Gloucester. They had folding chairs in use in their busy community hall and these had become worn and tatty. Alpha swung into action by providing free sample chair trials. We dropped off some folding chair samples as like-for-like comparisons, and also our excellent high stacking lightweight

Catering To New Styles of ‘Doing’ Church
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Reordering your Church with Alpha Furniture

Alpha Furniture provide a market leading service to help you reorder your church furniture, or to provide furniture across a new build, from the worship area to reception/foyer and hall. With over 20 years experience, our helpful sales staff will assist you all the way, providing sample chairs, fabrics and finishes free of charge and

Lightweight wooden stacking chairs for Taunton united reformed church
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A Two Batch Solution To Lightweight Stacking Chairs

Taunton United Reformed Church recently took delivery of Alpha’s LAMU lightweight wooden chairs, and also Alpha’s SB2M high-stacking lightweight chairs with chrome frame. During a free sample trial, the church recognised that the ‘main chairs’ had slightly different priorities to the ‘back-up chairs’. The former needed to be a wooden framed, stacking chair, but still

Concept for lightweight stacking church chair for beach church
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Concept Series – 1. Stacking Chairs for Church on the Beach

New churches are popping up around the country, and around the world, and becoming very creative with their use of space. From futuristic, cutting edge, contemporary new builds, to conversions of warehouses, barns, and office blocks, as well as disused former religious buildings. This new blog series by Alpha Furniture will explore the creative uses

Bespoke upholstery, St Joseph's Church Gerrard's Cross. Alpha Furniture Church Chair Upholstery and Reupholstery Service
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Bespoke Upholstery – St Joseph’s Church, Gerrard’s Cross

St Joseph’s Church in Gerrard’s Cross had some beautiful wooden bench seats that looked great, but were crying out for some added comfort. The church weren’t sure how to make the seats more comfortable, but maintain the aesthetic. Fortunately they heard of Alpha Furniture’s bespoke upholstery service. A member of the Alpha team met with