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Case Study: SBW Flexible Seating at Holy Saviour, Bitterne

Flexible seating, church chairs, stacking chairs

It has been a long journey in updating their seating from pews to flexible stackable chairs for Holy Saviour Church, Bitterne, Southampton.

Fund-raising, planning permission, Faculty, works and all the others hoops to jump through lasted a considerable time from their initial enquiry with Alpha before taking delivery this month.

However, a stunning re-ordering with flexible seating has now been completed.

The church had previously ordered Alpha’s Lightweight stacking chair SB2M for the hall and various meeting rooms.

Its light weight and good comfort were enjoyed for many months before the sanctuary was due for completion.

This was subject to different Faculty scrutiny, so our SBW non-upholstered chair was specified. Holy Saviour liked the features of this DAC-friendly chair:

  • Under 5 kgs,
  • under £100 +Vat,
  • stacks 25 high, and dolleys stack together when empty,
  • option of oak staining,
  • standard floor glides,
  • option of arms that still stack 25 high,
  • and a 10 year guarantee.

“We now have a ‘multi-activity use church building’ thanks to Alpha”, says our client Brian.

Alpha first visited the church in January 2020. From then we supported it with sample chairs, wood and fabric samples, quotations, Faculty wording help, hired folding chairs, advice, pew homing contacts and money saving ideas.