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Case Study: Durham Stacking Chairs for St John the Baptist, Abthorpe

Stacking chairs, church chairs, wooden chairs, cathedral chairs

St John the Baptist Church in Abthorpe recently embarked on a project to replace an aisle of pews with stacking chairs. For a building with listed status, it was deemed that the chairs would need to be unupholstered, yet still comfortable. As such the church trialled a number of chairs from our Cathedral Chair range – all of which are particularly faculty friendly and aesthetically appropriate. This was a service offered free of charge and without obligation by Alpha Furniture, leaving the chairs with the church for a few weeks in order to gather feedback.

Ultimately the Durham Chair (DRB) was selected by the church as the best candidate, and faculty permission duly followed swiftly afterwards. With many different wood shades already within the church, it was decided that the new chairs should provide a nice contrast between old and new. The natural beech veneer finish also helps to lift the space to feel lighter and more airy.

Stacking chairs, church chairs, wooden chairs, cathedral chairs

The driving force behind the project was to create a part of the church that could be flexible and allow for various arrangements, including for teas and coffees. Any chair therefore had to be compatible with tables which would also be befitting the space and not infringe on the new-found flexibility. It was self-evident that the Sunny table (ESUN1) would be the best option, with a durable Oak laminate top. The top will flip 90 degrees, allowing for efficient “nesting”, or “horizontal stacking”.

flip top cafe table, nesting cafe table, outdoor cafe table

With the use of church buildings becoming ever more versatile and flexible, Alpha have carefully selected products for our range that not only look good, but meet the many varied needs of our customers. If you are embarking on a similar project for your church, get in touch with us on 01494 670 600, or by email to [email protected], or via the contact form below: