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Selecting The Right Tables

ROMA Round Base Cafe Table with Square or Round MFC Top

Café, dining and meeting tables come in all shapes and sizes, with folding tables often the preferred choice. Selecting the right combination of these variables is critical in a successful project. Before even thinking about the numbers of people to be seated around tables, it’s best to start with the practicalities. For a multi-use space requiring easy flexibility, a folding or flip-top table is usually the best choice. While folding tables can be stored economically on trolleys, flip-top tables can ‘nest’ (think stacking horizontally) in order to require minimal storage space. For permanent layouts a fixed leg table is often the most appropriate.

Regardless of the size of table you require, Alpha Furniture have options for all three leg or base styles. The next consideration is likely to be the shape of the top – round, square or rectangular. The precise scenario will likely dictate which of the benefits for each are most advantageous, as follows:

• Round tables allow for squeezing on an extra chair if needed, with 5 people able to fit around a 4ft diameter table, whereas only 4 would fit at a square table occupying the same area. Round tables are generally also considered slightly more welcoming with a soft edge.

• Square tables are generally less expensive than round tables, and can be joined together to create longer tables for either meetings or dining.

• Rectangular tables typically offer the best value for money, often accommodating 6-8 people for less than double the cost of a square table accommodating 2-4

How many people will fit at my table?

This is a question we’re often asked, and the below graphics give a good indication of typical seating arrangements for some of the common cafe and meeting table top shapes and sizes:

How high should my table be?

Table top heights vary, but are usually between 700-760mm high. Folding tables are usually at the lower end of this range, in particular the Gopak table range which is recommended to select 698/700mm for dining. 760mm table height is also an option however. Centre-pedestal and flip-top tables are usually a little higher (730-750mm), with fixed-leg wooden tables the highest at 760mm. This is to allow for the wider frame components underneath to ensure they don’t clash with any arms on chairs. Fortunately the vast majority of chairs are compatible with all of these table heights, however do feel free to ask if you’d like to double check a particular chair and table combination.

Do you offer lower tables?

Yes we do, and these can usually be to match dining or meeting height tables. The exception to this rule is with a flip-top base, as these tables don’t have the ground clearance in order for the top to flip. Much of the Gopak range of folding tables is available in 6 heights, while centre-pedestal and wooden base fixed tables can be supplied in both coffee and dining heights. In some cases it is possible to have the table height adjusted to your requirements for a slight extra cost, or on occasion free of charge.