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Getting The Church Chair Right: FAQ’s and Frequently Neglected Questions !!

Stacking Chairs from Alpha Furniture

Most folk who end up being the ‘chair project manager’ find that the process proves more complicated than they had first imagined.

Of course, even after accepting they will never please everyone, there are still multiple considerations along the way. While colour decisions should involve only a few people and any chair is a compromise of several factors, below are a list of additional considerations in selecting the best chair for the need.

Usually customers cover these off with their questions and/or with the info that our sales team divulge along the way. Our free, no obligation site visit service is the best way to check through this shortlist.

If there are factors which have not been considered however, Alpha will make sure things have been thought through, including in the long-term. This way we help folk to avoid regretting the type of chair they select.

Common questions along the way:

Do the armchairs also stack?

Can the chairs stack with book storage?

Can I link in curved rows?

Is the fabric stain protected?

What is the lead-time for delivery?

Can you advise us on re-selling the pews or old chairs?


Questions less frequently asked, but quite important ! :

How heavy are the chairs?

Should we be buying book storage for each and every chair?

Am I obliged to link the chairs?

What proportion of armchairs would you recommend?

What are the green credentials of this chair?

We are an Anglican Church – is this chair likely to get through the Faculty?

We’ll be stacking a lot – what is the most durable frame finish?

Would you recommend felt feet for our type of new floor?

Still not sure where to start?

Our experienced sales team are experts at helping you settle on the best chair for your specific circumstance. If you’re not sure of which chairs to trial, you can speak to one of our sales members on the phone or request a call via the form below.