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Stacking Armchairs – Practicality and Suitability

With our aging population and community spaces becoming better used, the need for lightweight, stacking armchairs is higher than ever.

Alpha Furniture has a large range of lightweight chairs, lightweight stacking chairs, both wooden and metal and most are available with arms. The majority of these will still stack with arms as well.

Good examples of our wooden stacking armchairs include:

Lightweight Wooden Stacking Chair | LAMU | from Alpha FurnishingWooden Stacking Armchair

Good examples of our metal stacking armchairs include:

Most of our church chair customers buy 10% of their worship chairs with arms. Of course the precise split will depend largely on the layout and makeup of the congregation. Many of our Community Centre customers require some armchairs for specific groups and clubs.

A wide range of stacking armchairs is available offering various levels of stack-ability, weight and price. Then choose from a wide array of fabrics and frame colours. Wipe clean faux leather finishes are available in addition to water and stain resistant fabrics. This ensures upholstery doesn’t need to be avoided in virtually any scenario.

For those wishing to augment their old chairs with some armchairs, Alpha Furniture can often modify current models to better match the original chairs. Just one of the many helpful way that Alpha seek to help our customers.