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Are You Sure It’s a Folding Chair You Need?

Are You Sure It’s a Folding Chair You Need

Four out of five customers who contacted Alpha regarding padded folding chairs, bought high-stacking chairs instead.

An un-padded folding chair is very space efficient and cost effective.

For those wanting the comfort of some padding however, a padded folding chair is often still the de-fault choice in their mind for an efficiently stored chair.

Well now one can buy a stacking chair that will stack 25 high on around half a square metre. This is also on about a third of the footprint of a trolley for a padded folding chair of comparable comfort levels.

The 25 chair stack is 1.8m high, easily going through a standard doorway. The top chair is easy to take down/place on top, as it is a sliding forward movement, not a ‘lift up and over’ as a four leg chair dictates.

Are you sure it’s a folding chair you need?

What this means is that folk can have a lightweight, padded chair that stacks away onto a small space, but without any of the draw backs of a folding chair with its moving parts, longer handling time, smaller elbow room ETC.

Alpha’s SB2M chair has found its way into many projects where the now delighted customer originally enquired into folding chairs.

Having tried several chairs through our excellent, free sample trial service, they bought the SB2M chair – finding it the most comfortable, easiest to handle and smallest in footprint on its trolley.