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Chair Trolley – Crucial to Flexible Spaces

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With our range of excellent stacking and folding chairs growing ever larger, Alpha always seek to be clear and helpful with advice for moving these around – with a chair trolley.

However, deciding which trolley, and indeed which chair, requires some forward planning. Our high-stacking chairs typically stack around 10 high on the floor, and between 25 and 50 on their unique, purpose made four-wheeled dolley.

Our universal trolley (OTU) will move a stack of any of our stacking chairs, up to its floor-stacking height. It is often sensible, and by no means uncommon, for our customers to order one universal trolley per 100 chairs purchased.

Our folding chairs likewise have their own specific trolleys. Most of these allow the chairs to hang upside down, though smaller trolleys accommodate chairs standing up or lying down. Each folding chair can be paired with the right trolley, based on style, quantity and storage space dimensions using our Folding Chair Trolley Guide: