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Church Chair Book Storage – Do We Need It?

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Church chair book storage does not need to be an issue in new chair debate. Although book storage is a declining necessity for church chairs, they still command a high priority for many church seating projects. With the rise in audio visual solutions, the need for large hymn books to be easily accessible has waned. However a lot of churchgoers still bring bibles with them, or use the ones provided to follow readings.

As such, Alpha Furniture continue to ensure our huge choice of seating still offers options for book storage. With the ever growing need for church chairs to stack, we also carefully consider the options so they don’t inhibit stacking in any way.

Many of our sample chairs are fitted with a form of book storage, and so it is always worth mentioning when book storage is going to be required, or will be up for debate. We can then discuss the pros and cons, and options available depending on the level of need. Fortunately the careful design of all options still puts the chair itself at the heart of decision making. This ensures that nobody should feel that they are missing out on the perfect chair for the unique situation over this issue.

Furthermore, we can also provide book storage that goes beyond books, offering solutions for communion cup holders, kneeler hanging, plaque space, front row provision and more.

Some of these options are factory-fitted, while others are removable for occasional use when required. Depending on your unique requirements, we are confident that we will be able to offer the perfect book storage solution. Storage for multiple or larger books, for example for the choir, are also available as both permanent and removable features. In addition, due to the vast array of hymn books and their sizes, these are always bespoke made to ensure the right fit.

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Elasticated Pocket

Many of these options are featured on each individual product page. For further queries on particular church chair book storage options, don’t hesitate to get in touch.