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Product Spotlight: The Jacob Chair

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Our lightweight wooden stacking JACOB chair has not stopped growing in popularity since its launch.

Customers love the ergonomic design with shaped seat and back angle to suit multiple postures. They also love its light weight, despite the wooden frame. The affordable price is another string to its bow when compared to alternatives on the market.

Options include an integral book box that does not interfere with stacking. and full length arms. The armchair version will also stack with itself. With multiple stain finishes available at no extra cost, it’s no surprise that the chair sails through faculty applications. A cross cut-out option for the back, soon to be available, will add to the appeal even further by adding a more ecclesiastical design.

Dolley dolly to stack jacob lightweight stacking wooden chair

A dolley allows the Jacob chair to stack to 20 high, and comfortably pass through a standard doorway. While the chairs are in use, the dolleys will also stack together for neat storage, or to be wheeled into a cupboard. The dolley itself is also a remarkably low price.

The lightweight Jacob chair now features in dozens of churches, halls and schools up and down the UK, with new customers in the USA and beyond also being added to the list. Overall the Jacob is a superb high density stacking chair option.