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FLUX Wood Leg Armchair

£169.00 + VAT

Quantity Price
4 - 9 £177.00
10 - 19 £175.00
20 - 49 £173.00
50 - 99 £171.00
100 or more £169.00

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FLUX is a modern interpretation of the multi-functional shell chair. FLUX offers a simple design formed with clean lines and subtle curves to form an ergonomic seat shape, providing flexibility of movement and comfort in a variety of different sitting positions - from upright to side on to kicking back. Ideal for higher education, co-working and office environments.
FLUX is available with a variety of base styles, with and without arms. The wood leg version provides the ideal solution for a modern cafe or refectory.
FLUX Is available with an optional padded seat, or fully padded in a range of fabric or vinyl coverings. Please contact the office for further details.


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