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Gopak Ultralight Staging Package B – 12sqm

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Ultralight is a modular staging system constructed from aluminium with a lightweight core. This package includes everything you need to assemble a stage and create an area of 12m² or 4m x 3m.

GOPUSB Includes:

  • 6 x 2m x 1m decks and risers with risers in a height of 400mm

  • 1 x 1m x 0.52m deck and riser with the riser in a height of 200mm (to create a step which is attached to the main stage using a pair of riser clamps)

  • As with all orders for staging packages, a 5mm Allen key is included to enable you to secure the stage decks and risers together.

Product Details

  • The stage deck is available in corded carpet, black vinyl, or for high impact areas a heavy duty black vinyl.

  • Simple assembly with Allen key

  • Formed with lightweight but extremely durable components

  • Clever concertina folding design

  • Use in conjunction with other staging components to create multiple configurations

  • Stage Deck weights 4.5kg and 12.75kg each

  • Stage Riser weight 1.5kg to 7kg each

  • Can be handled by one person although a two person lift is recommended

  • Tested to 1000kg m² even load distribution

  • Point load testing to 180kg

  • GS Approved construction

  • 5 Year Guarantee

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