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Gopak UltraLight Staging Package 630mm High



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Product reference: GOPUS6


Click here to see a demonstrative video of how ultralight staging is assembled.

Ultralight staging couldn't be easier. A lightweight staging platform is positioned onto an expanding aluminium frame in seconds, and is light enough that it is safe to use by one person under Health & Safety guidelines.

Despite its lightness, the Gopak frame is extremely strong, able to hold up to 1000kg/sq m (assuming even distribution). It is incredibly easy to store, often a problem for staging, with the frame collapsing to less than 2% of its size when fully open.
This staging package comprises of either 6 2m x 1m and 3 1m x 1m or 9 2m x 1m decks to form an overall area of 5m x 3m or 6m x 3m respectively. These packages can also be put together to form areas of whichever size your require for your needs.

The package includes six or nine sets of 600mm risers dependent on the size of package, giving you the height of the stage, as well as two smaller 1m x 0.52m decks with 400mm and 200mm risers to form two steps for the stage.

There is a choice of four carpet colours or black vinyl. Other options include a clip-on curtain to go around the perimeter of the stage in order to hide the risers from view; as well as guard rails and chair stops that fit to the edge of the stage for added safety.

Also includes:

  • Pair of framework clips

  • Allen Key


Dimensions N/A

Package C 5m x 3m, Package D 6m x 3m