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Pew cushions

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Our standard pew cushions come with a market leading spec, at half the price of some of the competition!

  • 65mm thick foam, comprised of firm chip foam core with softer toppers on either side

  • French stitch piping effect

  • 30% wool tweed in choice of colours as standard

  • Netting to provide smooth finish to tweed

  • Zip along narrow rear edge to allow for removal for cleaning

Our pew cushions are sewn to order in the UK, ensuring they will be the perfect fit for your pews. Our standard specification includes a durable, contract quality 30% wool tweed in a choice of approx. 40 colours; dual foam filling with a firm core and a softer topper either side; netting around the foam to provide a smooth finish to the tweed; and a zip along the rear narrow edge to allow for removal of the covers for cleaning. We are also able to provide tags on each cushion, hidden from view, making it a simple task to place them on the correct pews if they are ever removed for any reason.

If you are also purchasing chairs from us, we can supply the cushions in the same fabric for harmony between the two. There are also many other fabrics we can use depending on what you are looking for, including patterned fabrics for special pews, such as for the choir or a dedicated pew in someone's memory.

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