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Care Home Fabrics

The number and variety of upholstery options for care home chairs is vast. To simplify the process for you, we present a selected range of fabrics (including high performance vinyl) offering anti-microbial, anti-fungal, hard-wearing and water-resistant finishes at affordable prices. All of the colours in these ranges are visible on each product page by clicking on “See Colour Swatches” .

See Colour Swatches

For the full details for each Collection, click on the following thumbnails from each of the standard ranges:

Ashforrd Terrace Red
Ashforrd Terrace Fabric
Manhattan Plains Pewter
Manhattan Plains Pewter
Manhattan Antiques Ocean
Manhattan Antiques Ocean

However, if you can’t find the colour and finish you require, or for bespoke design options using multiple finishes, please contact the sales team on 01494 670 600 or email us. To see our full range of lounge seating for care homes, please click on this link.

Range of lounge seating for care homesRange of lounge seating for care homes

A selection of alternative upholstery suppliers include: Panaz, Agua, Fabricus, CTP, Sunbury.