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Stacking Chairs from Alpha Furniture

We find it’s extremely rare these days for churches to need non stacking chairs. As churches open their doors to more and more community use, the demand for a flexible seating solution becomes increasingly important. Our selection of stacking chairs and folding chairs stack anywhere between 3 and 45 chairs high, so finding the right stacking chair that combines comfort, value for money and practicality has never been easier. You can see all of our stacking chairs, split into categories here.

Stacking Chairs

To help you decide which stacking chair is right for you, Alpha Furniture offer a free no-obligation sample trial service that allows you to test several different styles for around a month or so. To arrange this, or for help to select a suitable stacking chair, please contact the sales team on 01494 670 600 who will be happy to take your call, or email us.