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COP26: How the Furniture Industry is Helping

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As world leaders meet this week for COP26, we know that we alone won’t save the planet, but a bit of help from everyone goes a long way. Concern for the future of the planet has not passed Alpha Furniture by, and we now promote more environmentally friendly options than ever.  From recycled plastic to fast renewable fibres, here’s a snapshot of what’s on offer.


Almost universally, Alpha supply Camira Advantage tweed as standard for our upholstered stacking chairs. The Advantage fabric is 30% wool, one of the few natural renewable fibres. The average sheep produces between 2.3-3.6kg of raw wool fibre annually, and this must be sheared for the benefit of the animal’s health. When disposed of, it naturally decomposes in soil within a matter of years. Fabrics with an even higher wool content (up to 100%) are usually available on request, or even fast-renewable hemp.

hemp fabrics, renewable fabrics, sustainable chairs, sustainable stacking chairs

Beyond the Advantage fabric are further options with great green credentials. Xtreme and Rivet offer two different textures and are produced 100% from recycled post-consumer polyester.

Green credentials aren’t only limited to fabric finishes – with Alpha’s standard vinyl offering benefitting from carbon neutral production.


Plastic chairs are increasingly being produced using recycled materials. The Canterbury chair now features 4 colours produced 100% from recycled materials, while the frame is also 38% recycled steel. What’s more, the chair comes with a unique buy-back guarantee, so that the factory will buy chairs back at the end of their life to refurbish.

Canterbury Chair, Recycled Canterbury Chair, Sustainable plastic chairs, sustainable stacking chairs, recycled plastic chairs
The circular economy of a Canterbury Polypropylene Chair

One-piece polypropylene chairs, which provide great strength and durability, moreover are up to 100% recycled such as the Postura + chair with a 20-year warranty. Another of our favourites, the POP chair, is 50% recycled polypropylene, and still benefits from a 10-year guarantee.

POP Chairs in action
recycled plastic chairs, sustainable plastic chairs, sustainable stacking chairs
Recycled Plastic Granulate


Whether wooden or metal frames, new chairs needn’t be at the detriment to the environment. The majority of our solid wooden framed chairs feature 100% FSC timber – i.e. from sustainable forestry. Almost all wooden frames are at a minimum 70% FSC certified.

The chroming process for metal frames can be quite polluting, however over 95% of the chromed chairs that we sell feature either ‘Chrome 3’ (a more environmentally friendly chroming process), and/or treat the polluted water before releasing it back into the environment.


Virtually every chair and table we supply are 100% recyclable.