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Keep Pews or Replace with Stacking Church Chairs?

Church bench chair, stacking church chairs

The question of whether or not to remove pews and replace with flexible, stacking church chairs has for a long time been a contentious issue for churches around the country.

Our sales manager, Paul, has in fact conducted a seminar on the subject twice at the Christian Resources Exhibition. Whether it is right to change from pews to chairs or not comes down to many factors. One principle however does seem to ring true: Does the worship space facilitate the vision for outreach and community serving sufficiently?

Sometimes it is appropriate and right to keep the current pews in place. However, Alpha continue to help hundreds of churches nationwide to approach the subject correctly, think long-term, consider any red tape, select a shortlist of potential chairs to trial, sell their pews and even apply for funding.

In our 22 years of trading, we have yet to hear of a church that has regretted replacing pews with stacking church chairs.