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Lightweight Wooden Stacking Chairs – Not an Oxymoron

Stacking Chair

Alpha Furniture have a proud record or anticipating trends in the church market, including the need for lightweight wooden stacking chairs.

We like to provide the right products to serve the way that churches are using their buildings in these times. As a result, the lightweight wooden stacking chairs section of our website has been created and continues to grow.

Our LAM family of lightweight wooden chairs is proving popular and for good reason. It provides the right look for the country’s rich legacy of historic churches, and also ticks the right boxes for practicality. This family of chairs alone provides all of the options for worship, such as full-length arms, linking, integral book storage, communion cup holes, etc. Furthermore, there are options for all interiors, available un-padded, semi-padded or fully upholstered.

The family has grown further with the introduction of the higher stacking ‘S’ versions, including the Jacob chair. Depending on the variation, these chairs will stack between 12 and 18 high, with or without the integral book box.

The beech laminate frames are both stronger and lighter than traditional solid beech framed counterparts, lending themselves much better for frequent moving and stacking.

You can see more of our lightweight stacking chairs here:

Dolley dolly to stack jacob lightweight stacking wooden chair