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High Stacking Chairs

Dolley for SB2M chair

High stacking chairs are now our most popular line of products. It was not much more than 10 years ago that folk bought folding chairs in the belief that this was the only solution for efficient storage. How times have changed.

Alpha now sell more high stacking (high density stacking) chairs than any other type. They are strong, durable, comfortable and attractive, and we offer chairs for every budget.
Some are lightweight whilst all can be ordered in either plastic or wipe-clean vinyl/faux leather.

Stacking chairs do not feature any moving parts, and so provide a longer lifespan than folding chairs. Furthermore, they provide for armchair options, good elbow room, book holder options and more.

We are delivering them into churches, halls, community centres, schools and even museums, every week. They are inherently stiffer than a four leg stacking chair and easier to stack, as they slide-on from the front.

Alpha offer a huge range of high stacking chairs, including the classic Howe 40/4 and the Canterbury/Curvy (as now seen in Westminster Abbey).

To see more about our range of high density stacking chairs, please click here.

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