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Stacking Chairs at St Andrews Church, Oxford

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Alpha Furniture have been privileged to supply stacking chairs to St Andrews Church, Oxford. The church has installed our SB2M high stacking, lightweight upholstered chair to provide added flexibility to the worship area. To maintain a more traditional look, the church chose the optional square back.

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As we often do, we helped the church select a fabric for their stacking chairs that was not from our standard website offering. It was very much felt that a new chair project should be as environmentally friendly as possible, while allowing for the church to put on the intended events. As such, Rivet fabric by Camira was chosen – a fabric that is made 100% from recycled plastic. You can see more about the fabric itself on the mill’s website here. The church were able to choose this fabric without compromising on quality, durability, and ease of cleaning.

Alpha as usual provided several sample chairs on a free, no obligation trial basis. Later, we provided new chairs made up in the chosen short list of colours to help the church nail the final colour choice.

Alpha were also happy to help the church negotiate the final spec with the Oxford Diocese when making their faculty application.

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You can find out more about the SB2M chair on our website here. And you can also learn more about our free sample trial service here.