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Lightweight Wooden Church Chairs?!

Lightweight Wooden Church Chairs

Funny, not so long ago a lightweight wooden chair was an oxymoron.

Alpha have managed to bring affordability into the mix as well with our ‘LAM’ family of lightweight wooden chairs and its recent addition, the high-stacking ‘LAMS’ family of lightweight wooden chairs.

Churches are becoming multi-use community spaces – which is brilliant. It doesn’t stop them looking beautiful however. At least it shouldn’t do.

Ask us about how we can help you to achieve a stunning interior with all of the functionality required for your vision.

Some interiors demand a wooden framed chair, perhaps even with a wooden un-padded back also. However, those folk given the task of regularly moving and stacking these chairs for all the wonderful community activities are obviously not keen on anything bulky.

So what to buy?

There have been clever chairs on the market for some time now. From Alpha’s experience, churches do prefer to buy chairs costing less than £100. The popularity of our LAM lightweight wooden chair range has gone to prove that we have managed to bring together the look, affordability, quality, stack-ability and low weight required in these demanding times.

Lightweight Wooden Church Chairs