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Oakshaw Trinity Church, Paisley

Oakshaw Trinity Church, Paisley

Alpha Furniture were contacted by Oakshaw Trinity Church in Paisley, Glasgow to provide pew cushions for their vast worship hall. The church have been meeting here since the early 1980s, and features an extraordinarily large suspended ceiling. As is common, the pews all varied slightly in size, and pillars intersected some pews to support the balcony. Given the size of the task at hand, the church asked if Alpha would be able to take measurements. Alpha were happy to oblige, and met with a couple of members of the church one morning to complete the job, including taking templates for a number of curved pew cushions.

Last month, the new pew cushions were ready and Alpha agreed well in advance with the customer which day the cushions would be arriving. Along with the driver, a team of the church members arrived on the morning of delivery to take all of the new cushions in. The cushions were all discreetly tagged too, to ensure that it was an easy task to locate the correct pew for each cushion as it came out of the van. Fortunately, the pews at Oakshaw Trinity Church were all numbered, but Alpha have created a suitable and convenient tagging method previously when this is not the case.

The leaders and congregation at Oakshaw Trinity Church were all thrilled with the final outcome:

“I am sure that Phil has told you how well the delivery of Pew Cushions went at Oakshaw Trinity Church. The new cushions are superb and improve the overall appearance, as well as making the congregation more comfortable.

“Thank you for a task so professionally executed that I am in awe. I shall have no hesitation in recommending Alpha Furniture to others. It was a privilege to work with you, and your upholsters”. – Bob Copleton, Session Clerk.