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Reordering your Church with Alpha Furniture

Catering To New Styles of ‘Doing’ Church

Alpha Furniture provide a market leading service to help you reorder your church furniture, or to provide furniture across a new build, from the worship area to reception/foyer and hall. With over 20 years experience, our helpful sales staff will assist you all the way, providing sample chairs, fabrics and finishes free of charge and without any obligation. You can find out more about our free sample trial service here.

We appreciate that every church is different, in terms of the physical building, but also in the culture and use of the space. Having discussed your specific priorities with you, we can put together a sensible shortlist with you of styles to try. Some things to think about include:


Our most popular chairs across the range are undoubtedly those at the lighter end of the scale, ideal for multiple changes of layout throughout the week for different occasions. You can see our range of lightweight chairs here.

High Stacking Church Chairs Leicester Holy Trinity Church - upholstered stacking chairs SB2MStacking Lightweight Upholstered Chair


For chairs that do need to be moved regularly, the likelihood is that they will also need to be stored somewhere! For many, stacks of 8-10 chairs high will suit, but Alpha have a vast range of high-density stacking chairs, allowing for between 20 and 45 chairs to be stored per stack!

Transport Dolley for SB3MDolley for SB2M chair


We would never expect anybody to buy a high number of chairs without having tried them first, hence our free, no obligation, face-to-face sample service. While we always check new chair styles for comfort before adding them to our range, why take our word for it? After all, comfort can be so subjective!

AR2BW Lightweight Stacking Chair with upholstered seat and back by Alpha FurnishingOriginal high stacking upholstered lightweight SB2M chair - church chair - conference armchair - stacking armchairs

Extra Features

Almost all of our chairs are available with options for links, arms and book storage, with some additional features also available depending on the chair. Occasionally bespoke alterations can also be made at relatively little extra cost.