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A Two Batch Solution To Lightweight Stacking Chairs

Lightweight wooden stacking chairs for Taunton united reformed church

Taunton United Reformed Church recently took delivery of Alpha’s LAMU lightweight wooden chairs, and also Alpha’s SB2M high-stacking lightweight chairs with chrome frame. During a free sample trial, the church recognised that the ‘main chairs’ had slightly different priorities to the ‘back-up chairs’.

The former needed to be a wooden framed, stacking chair, but still not too heavy. The back-up chairs had to be lightweight too, efficient for storage, and compliment the wooden chairs when used as over-flow. They also needed to be suited to banqueting and other community functions. In the SB2M, they had a chair that would stack 25 high in a space of just half a square metre, and is comfortable to boot.

Lightweight wooden stacking upholstered chairs for Taunton united reformed church

Alpha’s huge range of lightweight wooden and high-stacking chairs, along with our experience and advice, ensured that Taunton URC selected just the right products for their specific situation. Project leader Meg remarked, “We are delighted with the chairs and want to thank the whole Alpha team for all of their help.”

Taunton URC are not the first of our customers to opt for a two-batch solution. And they won’t be the last either.

Lightweight wooden stacking chairs for Taunton united reformed church, and in the background lightweight high stacking sled base or skid base upholstered chairs

The SB2M lightweight high-stacking chairs are seen in the background of this photo. Stored on a purpose-made dolley, the chairs are easily manoeuvred even through doorways. We’re sure you’ll agree that they look quite smart even when stacked!

You can find out more about both the LAMU and SB2M chairs by clicking the product reference wherever mentioned above.

Click here to find out more about Alpha’s free sample trial service, and how our experienced team can help you.