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Selecting Fabrics in a Post Covid World

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Alpha have always offered faux leather or vinyl on most of our chair range. Whether folding chairs, metal stacking chairs, wooden stacking chairs, lounge chairs, care chairs or hybrid chairs, our customers have a large choice of vinyl seating. In these times, many are seeking a wipe-clean finish.

Don’t feel you must go without padding however.

Our vinyl offerings typically provide a 300,000 rub test and many colours to choose from. Even if vinyl is not featured on a particular product page – do ask us about it, as many of our products can be quoted for in vinyl.

We can also offer water-resistant and anti-microbial fabrics on most of our chairs. These tend to be breathable despite their excellent practical performance regarding liquids.

We are now also selling anti-microbial spray in bottles, for that super-quick treatment solution for your furniture between users and events.