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Stacking Chair Storage and Removal Trolleys

Dolley for SB2M chair

With our large range of stacking chairs and high-density stacking chairs, it’s more important than ever that Alpha provides good advice to our customers regarding transporting their stacking chairs around.

With our 4-leg stacking chairs, our universal chair trolley (OTU) will easily move a stack of any of our chairs and pop it where you need it – much like a barrow trolley.

Universal Chair Removal Trolley

Our large range of high-density stacking chairs can also be moved in this way, as most will stack around 10 high on the floor – ready to be moved by the trolley.

However, our high-density stacking chairs will stack much higher when placed on their own unique 4–wheel chair dolley. Depending on the chair, these stack between 20 and 45 high. Each dolley is designed purposefully for the chair, ensuring the stacking angle is correct and the stack of chairs is safe. The dolley enables a safe, vertical stack and one can then move and store that number of chairs, roughly on ½ a square metre – and go through a standard door-way.

For our SB2M, SBH, SBW, LAMS, LAMSH and LAMSU chairs, Alpha have designed our own dolley and these will stack together when empty, typically 8 high.

High Stacking Lightweight Upholstered Chair

We can discuss with you your likely use of any stacking chairs bought and advise accordingly, so that you are not buying any trolleys or dolleys that are not essential.