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St Andrew’s, Churchdown – Church Chairs and More!

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At Alpha Furniture some of the most rewarding jobs have been where a church has repeatedly returned to buy more church chairs and other furniture for different parts of the building.

A case in point: St Andrews, Churchdown. They replaced their heavy wooden church chairs with our lightweight, high stacking chairs and now have a flexible, comfortable and contemporary worship space.

Following the success with their new church chairs, the church then decided to buy the same chairs for the hall. The hall had also previously had heavy chairs, which were not practical for the increased use and varied layouts. The hall is a busy space with all sorts of groups utilising it, so needs a robust, but light weight chair that anyone can stack.

Recently they have used Alpha’s services for their lounge room project, where comfort and critical seat height were the order of the day. Our MRLB1A stacking armchair generated very good feed back as usual. The chair provides a rare mix of lounge comfort with stacking practicality.

It is always a pleasure to visit customers with busy buildings, serving their community so well and providing our free sample chair service each time with excellent products.