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The Ideal Stacking Church Chair

Book box for the Jacob lightweight stacking chair

There are all sorts of aspects involved in choosing the right stacking church chair.

The decision normally involves many folk, and even the leadership will have priorities of their own at times. Comfort and looks tend to take a lead for many using the chairs. Book storage and arms can still be a priority for others.

Weight is an aspect which is increasingly on the agenda. At Alpha we always make sure folk have considered this, even before they borrow sample chairs from us.

So – is the ideal stacking church chair, one that is comfy yet light, light yet strong, simple yet providing the right extras, affordable yet well engineered? (Probably!)

Fortunately Alpha’s excellent range of lightweight stacking chairs, lightweight wooden stacking chairs, and traditional stacking chairs plus options, means that we can cater for all priorities and a decision can be achieved that will never be regretted.

You can see just a selection of our lightweight stacking chairs here: