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Transitioning From Heavy to Lightweight Chairs

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At Alpha we hear all sorts of reasons for folk changing their church seating or hall seating.

The most common (after removing pews) is that of the old chairs being too heavy, and with increased and more varied use of the church there is now a requirement for lightweight, highly stackable chairs.

This is why we always ask how often any potential new chairs may get moved or cleared away.

Going back around 15 years, many churches were buying wooden stacking chairs to replace their pews. These offered better flexibility and comfort – yes, but they are typically around 8-10kg in weight.

We find today that more folk are taking this type of chair out, than putting them in.

The message then is to consider the long-term use of the space before deciding which chairs may

be suitable – and that goes for weight also. We always encourage you not to think only of the immediate future, but also 5-10 years from now about how the space may be used. This would include who will be using it, and what their priorities therefore should be.

Alpha offer a good range of lightweight stacking church chairs, both in metal and in wood. Most offer all the popular extras for worship, such as book storage and arms.