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Case Study: Beckley Village Hall – Stacking Chairs and Folding Tables

high stacking lightweight chairs in blue, sb2m high density stacking chair

Beckley Village Hall recently acquired from Alpha a number of high density stacking chairs, and folding tables. The high stacking chair is our very popular SB2M type. On accompanying dolleys, the chairs stack to 25 high on an area of 0.5 sq. metres. This provided the village hall with much needed flexibility and use of the full space even when chairs are not required.

high stacking light weight chair, lightweight, folding tables, high density stacking chairs

The village hall’s Gopak Premier folding tables similarly store away easily, with seven to a small trolley or 14 to a large trolley. A flush edge on a Premier table also makes it ideal for dining, being cleaned easily or covered neatly with a table cloth. The tough edge of the Premier folding table range from Gopak is also one of the hardest wearing around.

The Chairman of Beckley and Stowood Village Hall provided the following kind words:

We purchased 125 chairs and various sizes of tables and storage trolleys for both to allow us to offer meal seating for 120 people in our new village hall. We searched for a reliable supplier and having made due enquiries selected Alpha Furniture. We have now had their product for nearly three years and are very pleased with our purchase. Additionally we have had to request various spares due to damage by hirers and their response has been immediate, courteous and first class. I have no hesitation in recommending them. Any prospective purchaser may contact directly if they wish, and Alpha can refer any such prospective purchase to me.

To get in touch with the village hall, please contact the office by phone or email to be provided with the relevant contact details.

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