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The JACOB Lightweight Wooden Stacking Chair

stacking wooden lightweight light weight chair church chair gallery chair

The Jacob lightweight wooden stacking chair has brought to the church chair market something it has desired for years – an affordable, high quality, lightweight, wooden stacking chair.

The UK designed and finished Jacob chair provides you with a comfortable chair, but without the un-manageable weight of previous generation church chairs. This is particularly the case when compared to previous generations of wooden framed church chairs.

The armchair version of the Jacob church chair features full-length arms, and also stacks up to six chairs high.

The optional book box/holder is integral and so doesn’t require any additional work when setting out the chairs, and does not hamper stacking in any way.

High Stacking Lightweight Upholstered Chair

The Jacob chair dolleys will take up to 18 chairs of the un-padded version, and will stack with themselves up to 8 high when empty. This allows them to be consolidated into easy-to-manage piles and cleared in minimal time back into storage. Braking castors at one end provide stability for loading and storage.

The frame, seat and back are all be stained to numerous wood colours. Bespoke colours are also be offered to tie in with existing wooden features or other finishes.

Of course, all the right options are present, including:

  • Optional soft felt-lined feet
  • Curvable linking
  • Padded seat
  • Padded back
  • Side-fitted detachable choir box for use on the altar

View the details of the Jacob Stacking Lightweight Chair in full here.