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The Merits of a Free Site Visit

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Alpha furniture has always offered free site visits. This is time consuming for us, but we feel that an excellent level of service is essential.

Time and time again, we receive grateful thanks from customers who need good advice and a good range of samples, in order to make the important decisions around which chair. For each product there are a plethora of considerations:

  • colours
  • optional extras
  • arms
  • quantity
  • layout
  • flooring and heating implications
  • and so on.

Many customers – churches and village halls alike – welcome a discussion around their old seating and its short-comings. Sometimes re-upholstery becomes the sensible way forward.

Churches often appreciate some measuring and discussion around the impact of chairs replacing pews on capacity, layout, acoustics and more.

Alpha likely make less profit by offering this high level of (FREE) service, but we do not believe that customers should pay for a sample service. Even if we do not acquire the order,  there are no costs passed onto customers. Nor do we believe that customers should be limited to how many products they can trial. And of course – it’s impossible to get a feel for a chair when only seeing it on a website page!

We can even attend PCC meetings, committee meetings on specific diary dates and have even helped folk in evening meetings also.

We can advise on selling your old seating or pews, storage, linking, fabrics, durability and even on your Faculty application.

Getting the chairs right is so important – why not choose a company that goes that extra mile to help you do that?

Alpha’s Free Sample Service

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